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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Adjective Order

Select the correct order of the adjectives in these sentences,
then check your answer.
  1. He invited that ___ lady to dinner.
    young beautiful
    beautiful young
  2. These are ___ products.
    excellent textile
    textile excellent
  3. Why can't you wear your ___ blouse tonight?
    pink silk
    silk pink
  4. The girl needs ___ tissues for her cold.
    ten cotton small
    ten small cotton
  5. She reserved that ___ table on the corner.
    big square
    square big
  6. Christine's husband gave her a ___ bowl.
    porcelain Persian
    Persian porcelain
  7. She broke Mother's ___ cookie jar.
    pink old
    old pink
  8. My brother wants to meet that ___ girl.
    tall Argentinean
    Argentinean tall
  9. What do you plan to do with these ___ bottles?
    empty soda
    soda empty
  10. That ___ man needs help.
    old foreign
    foreign old
  11. There are two ___ dresses in her closet.
    pink beautiful
    beautiful pink
  12. Lance never lets his brother drive his ___ car.
    sports red
    red sports
  13. When traveling to the Middle East, make sure you visit the ___ pyrmids.
    ancient Egyptian
    Egyptian ancient
  14. Grandma makes ___ brownies.
    delicious chocolate
    chocolate delicious
  15. The gym was decorated with ___ balloons for the High School dance.
    red big
    big red
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