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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:

Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

Bono is a really ___ singer.
a. interested
b. interesting
c. interest

The comedian we saw last night really ___ us.
a. amusing
b. amused
c. amuse

I think jumping out of an airplane is a ___ experience.
a. terrifying
b. terrified
c. terrify

Have you heard about the ___ new roller coaster at the amusement park?
a. excited
b. excite
c. exciting

He ___ us with his knowledge of Ottoman history.
a. surprised
b. surprising

That three hour lesson yesterday was really ___ !
a. tired
b. tiring

Halloween! What a ___ holiday!
a. frighten
b. frightened
c. frightening

    It's ___ how popular Hip Hop is around the world.
    a. surprised
    b. surprising

    I thought the movie "Cars" was really ___ .
    a. bored
    b. boring

    That tall new building in Istanbul really ___ me!
    a. fascinate
    b. fascinating
    c. fascinates
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