topical word games for learning vocabulary items
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Learn English vocabulary topically by
playing scrambled word games!

Ailments Air Travel
The Human Body The City Street
Containers 1 Containers 2
Describing Clothes The Eye
Family Members Food
Fruit 1 Fruit 2
Golf Internal Organs
Jewelry Kitchen Verbs
Medical Mens' Clothing
Occupations Parts of the Body
Parts of the Car Parts of the Foot
Parts of the Hand Parts of the Head
People Postal
Public Transportation Restuarant Nouns
Restuarant Verbs Science Lab
Sports Verbs Supermarket
Toiletries Treatments of Illnesses
Types of Meat Types of Nuts
Vegetables Weather
Winter Clothing

Learning a language topically is probably one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary items. Why? Because all of the new words are in some way related to each other. Have you ever had a list of random vocabulary words to try and memorize? It is very difficult to do and most ESL students do not remember the words for very long. But by learning all the vocabulary for football in one session, most boys will score very well on the quiz. Most text books try to write lessons topically but most students learning English as a second language need more resources to become fluent. Give our topical scrambled word games a try and build a stronger vocabulary base today.

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