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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
"There is" or "There are"

Use "there is" for one item. (singular nouns) Use "there is" for non-count items. (non-count nouns) Use "there are" for many items. (plural nouns)
Read the sentence, decide on the answer, then click the answer button to see the correct answer.
  1. There an aardvark in the zoo.
  2. There some water in the pond near the hypos.
  3. There many kinds of birds in the zoo.
  4. There many families visiting the children’s zoo today.
  5. There many children, too.
  6. There a gorilla in the bushes.
  7. There some grass under the tree.
  8. There bananas in the tree with the orangutan.
  9. There many birds near the alligator.
  10. There many animals in the zoo.
  11. There a snake in the garden.
  12. There a zebra in the corral.
  13. There peacocks in the zoo, too.
  14. There many baby tigers near their parents.
  15. There a woodpecker next to the tree.
  16. There many monkeys in the trees.
  17. There a rock near the pond.
  18. There many fish in the aquarium.
  19. There an turtle in the aquarium, too.
  20. There lots of water for the fish.
  21. There many people to see at the zoo, too.
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