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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Some, Any or No

Click the answer buttons to see the answers.

  • Only ___ of her friends came. Not all of them.
  • There isn't ___ food in the refrigerator, is there?
  • We are broke. We have ___ money to buy grandma a present.
  • I bought a loaf of bread and ___ yogurt at the mini-market yesterday.
  • We don't have ___ sugar or flour to make the birthday cake.
  • ___ place she chooses to go will be fine.
  • Don't close the door. There are still ___ children playing outside.
  • Why don't you decorate the living room with ___ wild flowers?
  • I'm busy. I have ___ time to talk with you right now.
  • ___ students prefer to study in the morning; others at night.
  • If you all have ___ problems, call me.
  • There aren't ___ books, magazines or newspapers on this topic in the library.
  • ___ book about camping will tell you how to start a camp fire.
  • I gave him ___ aspirin for his headache, so he feels much better now.
  • The teacher has ___ time to correct the essays now. He has a meeting with the school director.
  • I have ___ English dictionaries in my dorm room that you are welcome to use.
  • Here are ___ nice ripe pears.
  • ___ matter what she does, they will not accept her in the sorority.
  • They haven't asked me ___ questions so far.
  • She doesn't want ___ dessert, because she's on a diet.
  • He always gives ___ money to the poor and needy. He's a very generous and loving person.
  • We are taking a short bike ride. There's ___ time for a long one.
  • The poor woman has ___ food to eat. She's starving.

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