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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Reported Speech at a Much Later Time

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  1. Karen: "I went to bed early last night."

  2. Debby: "Karen said (that) she had gone to bed early ___ ."
    a. the night before
    b. last night
    c. the night prior

  3. Karen: "I am going to go to LA in 10 days."

  4. Debby: "Karen said (that) she was going to go to LA ___ ."
    a. in 10 days
    b. 10 days later
    c. on Wednesday

  5. Karen: "I had lunch at noon."

  6. Debby: "Karen said (that) she had had lunch ___ .
    a. at 12 o'clock
    b. at noon
    c. that noon

  7. Karen: "I will play cards the day after tomorrow."

  8. Debby: Karen said (that) she would play cards ___ ."
    a. in two days
    b. on Thursday
    c. two days later

  9. Karen: "I bought it two years ago."

  10. Debby: "Karen said (that) she had bought it ___ ."
    a. in two years
    b. three years ago
    c. two years before
    Karen: "I will go downtown tomorrow."
    Debby: "Karen said (that) she would go downtown ___ ."
    a. on Friday
    b. tomorrow
    c. the following/next day

  11. Karen: "I am going to play tennis today."

  12. Debby: "Karen said (that) she was going to play tennis ___ ."
    a. that day
    b. today
    c. tomorrow

  13. Karen: "I went shopping yesterday."

  14. Debby: "Karen said (that) she had gone shopping ___ ."
    a. yesterday
    b. the day before
    c. on Saturday

  15. Karen: "I am enjoying life now."

  16. Debby: "Karen said (that) she was enjoying life ___ ."
    a. now
    b. at that time
    c. today

  17. Karen: "I will cook dinner later this evening."

  18. Debby: "Karen said (that) she would cook dinner later ___ .
    a. that evening
    b. in the evening
    c. this evening

  19. Karen: "I'm going to class in three hours."

  20. Debby: "Karen said (that) she was going to class ___ ."
    a. three hours before
    b. three hours later
    c. in three hours
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