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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Assorted Questions

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  1. I ___ her last Saturday.
    a. have visited
    b. visited

  2. I ___ that movie yet.
    a. don't see
    b. haven't seen

  3. She wished she ___ better.
    a. do
    b. did
    c. had done

  4. I ___ to go to school.
    a. can
    b. have
    c. must

  5. Would you ___ opening the window?
    a. go
    b. have
    c. mind
    d. please

  6. Did you enjoy ___ with your girlfriend?
    a. walk
    b. walked
    c. walking
    d. to walk

  7. I ___ rather die than spend the rest of my life in prison.
    a. will
    b. would
    c. might

  8. He ___ be a fool to do such a thing.
    a. can
    b. must

  9. Joe and I ___ good friends.
    a. am
    b. is
    c. are

  10. That is ___ you are poor.
    a. why
    b. that
    c. which

  11. I couldn't help ___ when he told me that story.
    a. laugh
    b. laughed
    c. laughing
    d. to laugh

  12. I heard her ___.
    a. sings
    b. is singing
    c. sing
    d. sang
    e. has sung

  13. The place ___ we used to study is no longer a library.
    a. whom
    b. at
    c. where

  14. She is ___ taller than you.
    a. very
    b. so
    c. much

  15. Janet is ___ than her sister.
    a. more tall
    b. tall
    c. taller

  16. There are ___ books on my desk.
    a. little
    b. a little
    c. a few

  17. The market ___ their prices last week.
    a. rose
    b. raised
    c. has risen

  18. That question is ___ important to be neglected.
    a. so
    b. too
    c. very

  19. My mother told me ___ do that.
    a. not to
    b. not

  20. One of the students ___ in the classroom.
    a. is
    b. are

  21. I am very fond of ___.
    a. they
    b. them
    c. their

  22. ___ isn't easy to learn how to play the piano.
    a. It
    b. That
    c. This

  23. He had the boy ___ his car.
    a. wash
    b. washed

  24. I am not as ___ at swimming as you are.
    a. good
    b. well

  25. Neither my brother nor I ___ rich.
    a. am
    b. are
    c. is

  26. I saw her ___ by the door.
    a. to stand
    b. standing
    c. stands
    d. stood

  27. This is a ___ interesting book.
    a. much
    b. very

  28. My brother is ___ stronger than your father.
    a. much
    b. very

  29. Please take good care ___ your mother.
    a. about
    b. of
    c. to

  30. ___ my way to school, I stopped at the post office.
    a. At
    b. In
    c. On

  31. I bought this car ___ four thousand dollars.
    a. by
    b. for
    c. with

  32. This is a ___ fast car.
    a. much
    b. very

  33. I had ___ money, so I couldn't buy lunch.
    a. little
    b. a little

  34. Please speak a little slower. I can ___ understand you.
    a. hard
    b. hardly

  35. I am not used ___ driving this car.
    a. for
    b. of
    c. to

  36. I get up ___ seven.
    a. at
    b. in
    c. to

  37. I didn't see ___ of those movies.
    a. any
    b. none

  38. There were ___ people at the party.
    a. many
    b. much

  39. I have a ___ money in my pocket.
    a. few
    b. little

  40. He looks ___ than his brother.
    a. more happy
    b. happier

  41. This place is famous ___ its good-tasting rice.
    a. by
    b. for
    c. with

  42. I go to school ___ foot.
    a. by
    b. on
    c. with

  43. I have lived here ___ many years.
    a. during
    b. for

  44. My brother is ___ of the two.
    a. taller
    b. the taller

  45. This news ___ interesting.
    a. was
    b. were

  46. Did they ___ tennis last Saturday?
    a. played
    b. plays
    c. play
    d. playing

  47. He ___ a camera.
    a. have
    b. has
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