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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Question Formation II

Click the answer buttons to see the answers.

  1. ___ today?
    a. Whose called
    b. Who called

  2. ___ walk with?
    a. Who did you
    b. Who you did
    c. Who you

  3. ___ you baptized?
    a. Where was
    b. Where are
    c. Where were

  4. ___ to the bus station?
    a. How do I get
    b. How I get

  5. ___ the train delayed?
    a. Why did
    b. Why is
    c. Why

  6. ___ you have?
    a. How much hand-luggage do
    b. How many hand-luggage do
    c. How much hand-luggage

  7. ___ the water?
    a. How deep has
    b. How deep can be
    c. How deep is

  8. When ___ leave?
    a. should we
    b. we should
    c. should we to

  9. ___ the answer?
    a. Who knows
    b. Who know

  10. ___ to the port?
    a. How far is
    b. How far is it
    c. How distance is it

  11. How much ___ ?
    a. do you weight
    b. does your weight
    c. do you weigh

  12. How long ___ waiting for her?
    a. have you been
    b. you have been
    c. have you
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