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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Prepositions II

What are the correct prepositions for the blanks/
Click the answer buttons to see the answers.

  1. Will you please pick up a pizza ___ dinner ___ your way home this evening?
  2. The fee charged ___ that Doctor ___ his services was too high.
  3. She submitted his application ___ January 1st, so the manager did not consider it.
  4. The workers went ___ strike because they thought their wages were too low.
  5. He tried to warn his daughter ___ the dangers ___ going out alone ___ night.
  6. Although we had expected them to take a taxi, they came ___ car.
  7. ___ today's newspaper it's stated that a new agreement will be signed ___ those two countries soon.
  8. I learned to ride a horse ___ the age ___ six.
  9. Guess what? The favorite was beaten ___ a very close race.
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