Intermediate level EFL lessons
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Grammar exercises for:
Intermediate students of English


o Conjuctions1

o Conjuctions2

o Connectives


Correct Sentence

o Correct Sentence 1

o Correct Sentence 2

o Correct Sentence 3

o Correct Sentence 4



o Dentist Appointment Dialog

o Dialog An Invitation

o Dialog Ordering

Error Correction

o Error Correction 1

o Error Correction 2


IF Clauses



o Prepositions 1

o Prepositions 2

o Prepositions 3

o Prepositions 4



o Questions 1

o Questions 2

o Questions 3

o Questions 4


Sentence Structure

o Sentence Structure Indirect Qustions

o Sentence Structure Reported Speach

o Sentence Structure Reported Speach 2

o Sentence Structure Subject Verb Agreement

o Sentence Sturcture Reported Speach



o Irregular Verbs 1

o Irregular Verbs 2

o Irregular Verbs 3

o Irregular Verbs 4

o Verb form choice 1

o Verb form choice 2

o Verb form choice 3

o Verb tenses 1

o Verbs Go


Word Choice

o Word Choice Active or Passive Voice

o Word Choice Almost

o Word Choice Comparative Superlative

o Word Choice Connecting Words

o Word Choice Lie or Lay

o Word Choice Look At, Look For, Look After

o Word Choice Make or Do

o Word Choice On, In or At

o Word Choice Other

o Word Choice Participles

o Word Choice Fall Feel or Fill

o Word Choice Raise or Rise

o Word Choice Will Be Doing or Will Have Done


Word Group

Word Order

o Word Order

o Word Order Adjectives

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One of the great weaknesses of the Communicative method for foreign language teaching is its lack o f emphasis on practice. Some practice activities are given but only if they are “meaningful”. While this is probably adequate practice for students whose languages are similar, it is completely inadequate for those students who language’s structures are completely different from English’s. While these advanced and intermediate level ESL students do not have an absolute need for heavy practice sessions, it would still be to their benefit to do so. Even many advanced students only intellectually know grammar and have huge vocabularies but have very limited ability to use English with any level of fluency. For these reasons, practice activities even though not “meaningful” help build fluency.
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