Idioms, slang and IM shorthand for ESL students of American English

Welcome to the Idioms page. Idioms are what bring languages to life. English is rich with idiomatic expressions. English4All provides three different ways to liven up your English. First, in the list below me there is list of idioms with their standard English equivalent next to them. Click on one of the idioms and its explanation in the list below me. I will use the idiom in a sentence for you. There are fifteen idioms in the list. I will update this list often so come back soon. If I forget, email the webmaster so he can remind me. After you try a few click on the Idiom Quiz button on your left for quiz of these and other idioms. I also have the most common text messaging acronyms. Even if you can just learn to recognize this new version of written English language, it will make you look like a native speaker. Go ahead and get started learning English as a Foreign Language!

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