Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
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Cartoon English TV is free of charge for a reason. God first loved and served us by sending Jesus from Heaven to pay for all of our mistakes, errors and imperfections; because of this we love and serve you by providing free English lessons. Please click on the questions to right to learn how and why God first loved and served us. If you want information in your own click on your language below or a video button at the top of this page.

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To be a believer in Christ, a Christ follower.
You must declare publicly that Jesus is the Lord.
And you must believe in your minds that Jesus is alive.
God caused him to become alive again after he had died.
If you believe this, God will rescue you from your sin.
A person believes that in their mind.
Then that person declares in public
that Jesus is the Lord.
Then God will accept such people as his own people,
and God will rescue them from their sin.

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions? İsa Kimdir? Mesih'in Yaşamı, Ölümü ve Dirilişi Apakah Yesus Kristus adalah Jawaban? Je Ježíš Kristus odpovědí? Is Jezus Christus het antwoord op uw vraag? Jésus-Christ est-il la réponse à vos questions? Ist Jesus die Antwort auf Deine Fragen? Jézus Krisztus a vlasz a krdseidre? Gesù Cristo è la risposta alle tue domande? Jesus Cristo é a resposta para suas perguntas? ¿Es Jesucristo la respuesta a sus preguntas?
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