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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
An Invitation

Click on the answer button to see the correct answers.
A: I'm afraid I ___ your invitation.
a. can't accept
b. shouldn't to accept
c. might not accept

B: Oh, that's a pity! I'm so sorry.

A: So am I, but Bill ___ me to dinner tonight.
a. invites
b. had invited
c. has invited

B: Well, I guess you ___ out with Bill than with me.
a. had rather go
b. had rather gone
c. would rather go

A: No! As a matter of fact, I ___ Bill.
a. am not really liking
b. don't really like
c. shouldn't really like

B: Really? Then why ___ out with him?
a. have you gone
b. are you going
c. will you to go

A: Well, you see, Bill is my brother's best friend, and besides...

B: Oh, it doesn't matter! There's no reason why you ___ polite to me.
a. should be
b. could be
c. ought be

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