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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
An Appointment

Complete the dialog.
Click the answer buttons to see the correct answers.

A: Good morning. Dr. Bean's office. ___ I help you?
A: Good morning. I ___ to make an appointment with Dr. Bean.
B: Ok. Just a minute. ___ you come on Friday at 1:00 pm?
A: No. Friday is a busy day for me. I ___ until 9:00 pm. I ___ leave the office early.
B: What about Wednesday at 6:00 pm? ___ that OK with you?
A: ___ a little later? You know how heavy the traffic is at 6. I ___ arrive on time.
B: OK. You ___ seen by Dr. Beann on Wednesday at 7. OK? If you can't come for any reason, please ___ me and I ___ try to set another time.
B: OK. Thanks.

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