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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Common Mistakes

How would you fix these mistakes? Click the answer button to see the answer.
  • She speaks well Spain.

  • I said her she had done a mistake.

  • He traveled with boat and arrived to Athens yesterday.

  • He is a too intelligent man to stay in a so boring job.

  • In last years the Turkish economy has improved markedly.

  • Never I have seen such an excited movie.

  • I arrived to New York for two hours ago.

  • The news are in the television soon.

  • I will another cup of coffee, please.

  • What means gibberish please?

  • In spite of he was tired, his wife made him to wash dishes.

  • He is living by his aunt on the city.

  • She was given lots of advices about buying new furnitures.


  • I could not be without laughing when she explained it me.

  • He got married with a Spanish in last year.

  • She is waiting now her seventh child.

  • They have spared carefully their money.

  • They are living there during three years.

  • Are you still interesting to do a trip to Iceland.

  • The city of Istanbul is full of fabrics, though it is surrounded by some lovely nature.

  • The company was grounded in 1888.

  • There are many cheap things at the realisations in the warehouses behind the corner.

  • In near future I shall be going to overseas in every case.

  • In Canada we are used to live in a cold climate.

  • We shall not go unless we shall be asked.

  • Between you and I, I think his plan is crazy.

  • Thank you for everything. You have been the most generous.

  • I can a little Kurdish.

  • What do you like Greenland?

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