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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
What's the Correct Word Order?

Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. a. brightly
    b. is shining
    c. sun
    d. the

  2. a. in
    b. works
    c. my daughter
    d. New York

  3. a. birds
    b. sing

  4. a. cloth
    b. feels
    c. rough
    d. this

  5. a. a
    b. became
    c. doctor
    d. good
    e. Max

  6. a. interesting
    b. sounds
    c. that
    d. very

  7. a. a
    b. decided
    c. go
    d. on
    e. picnic
    f. to
    g. she

  8. a. clean
    b. keep
    c. must
    d. house
    e. the
    f. we

  9. a. capital
    b. Turkey
    c. is
    d. Ankara
    e. of
    f. the

  10. a. America
    b. English
    c. in
    d. speak
    e. they

  11. a. a
    b. motorcycle
    c. don't
    d. fast
    e. have
    f. I
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