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Grammar Practice Activity for English students:
Conjunctions I

Click the answer buttons to see the answers.
  1. Make sure he closes all the windows ___ it starts to rain.
    a. after
    b. before
    c. for
  1. I think I know ___ she left the job.
    a. why
    b. until
    c. where

  2. ___ she had known how much she would disappoint her, she wouldn’t have done it.
    a. Whether
    b. When
    c. If

  3. ___ you see her, get on the bus.
    a. As soon as
    b. While
    c. Whether

  4. My friend Nancy, ___ lives in Indiana, has a car with an Arizona license.
    a. whose
    b. who
    c. that

  5. It's usually quite simple to cross the border between the USA and Mexico ___ these two countries have friendly relations.
    a. yet
    b. and
    c. because

  6. He's ___ a jerk ___ nobody likes to be with him.
    a. such...that
    b. such...as
    c. so...that

  7. Do you think this is something ___ can be learned?
    a. who
    b. that
    c. X (the conjunction can be omitted)

  8. Don't go out ___ you've finished your homework.
    a. as
    b. while
    c. until

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